Windows 8 on Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft PixelSense

I was able to install Windows 8 on a Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft PixelSense, I tried to do this some months ago trying installing Windows 8 as a virtual disk but after many test to try having the touch an all other drivers working I failed and I ended up having an expensive table in the office.
Luckily the Samsung service was great and they replaced my hard disk with a new one.
This time I opted for a safest way to reach my goal, I cloned my original 320Gb hdd into a new one so before starting the installation I had two twin hdd.

I’ve to advice that if you are going to try to do this, Windows 8 on SUR40 is totally unsupported, and there is an high risk that you will fail and the result will be a broken SUR40 so if you decide to do it you will to at your own risk, my advice is not to try it, I did it only for testing purpose

Windows 8 on Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft PixelSense

The trick to have all the drivers working on Windows 8 is to launch Windows 8 setup from the original Windows 7, with this approach Windows 8 was able to find all the needed drivers alone, at the end of the installation all the devices was recognized correctly by the new operating system,

Because of the HID usages owned exclusively by Windows 8 all the Surface input stack will not work but the standard WPF input stack works fine.

As I already noticed on my Dell ST220 because of the frame containing the lcd panel swipe gesture from the bottom or top edge of the screen to get app bars, from the right edge to get system commands and any other swipe gesture that that needs to be started outside the touch area are uncomfortable

Another consideration is that many Win8 apps (especially third party apps) are designed for single user and often just single touch. Not all developers even consider multitouch, let alone multiuser. This leads to a poor experience with multiple users but I will discuss about Windows 8 user experience on large format displays and the Surface SDK in another post soon.

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2/8/2013 1:17:36 PM #


I have recently installed Windows 8 on to our SUR40 machine. I was able to get the touch drivers by pointing the driver search to the partition with the actual Windows 7 SUR40 install. However I could not get the tag recognition to work no matter what I did. Did you manage to get the tag recognition drivers working on your install? If so could you possibly share how you managed to do it?



Gian Paolo
2/8/2013 1:38:53 PM #

Hi Alex
   Unfortunately, Windows 8 (after release preview) changed the OS to restrict how you can read HID usages (the method that the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK used to read touch metadata).

That means that any compiled Surface 2.0 application that uses our input subsystem will not work and also Tag data, finger orientation (whole surface input stack) will not work.

2/8/2013 1:45:31 PM #

Hello Gian,

Thank you! I have to say I am very disappointed with how Microsoft hass handled the SUR40 software stack. I would really like to make use of the Windows 8 XAML stack since its quite a lot faster at rendering smoother animations than the Surface 2 SDK. Windows 8 Metro could be a worthwhile replacement for the Surface launcher. You could lock down the Metro Tiles and disable swipes for the charms menu through the group policy editor. The only thing really missing was the tag recognition. Frown

Oh well .. thank you for clarifying that mate. Appreciate it.


Greg M
5/2/2013 2:31:46 PM #


We also just recently installed win8 onto our sur40. So far its actually better than running win7 on it. However, the same issue we have had with win7 we have with win8. If you change the angle of your fingers slightly it will register two points and start to zoom in and out etc... Is their a way to disable multitouch in a sur40 to only limit it to one input? Or maybe limit it to one input for a set size of pixels? To do something like this

Or more specifically is their any way to edit how the sur40 reads input?

Greg M

5/8/2013 10:13:29 PM #

Hi Greg
   I think a good starting point could be looking at the TouchExtensions Properties ( and try to see if AreAnyInputDevicesCaptured or AreAnyInputDevicesCapturedWithin can fit your neesd.
Also hope that this can help you undestand how to mana touch events / touch devices.


Rory Hamaker
5/8/2013 10:14:27 PM #

Does anyone know where to get the recovery drivers for this device?  I have one and the OS was reloaded, I was able to recover all the drivers except the visual interface driver, which basically makes this unit useless.  None of the touch screen functions work.  I have contacted Samsung but they wont return my emails or phone calls.  Any help would be appreciated

5/8/2013 10:43:29 PM #

Hi Roy
   Sorry for your issue.
if you contact Samsung assistance they should solve your issue. I had a similar Issue and they solved it basically changing the hdd.
Here is the link to request support in us
As really last chance my company has a full image of the original 320gb shipped with the Sur40 so if you need it we could help you.
Hope that you will solve your issue with the official channel

Greg M
5/9/2013 2:32:16 PM #

Rory, if you wish I can provide a download link for you over e-mail to get the drivers etc.. We had the exact same problem and found Samsung to have very little actual support. Contact me at

It will be a dropbox link, I just don't want to share what might be proprietary software, freely over the entire internet.


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