Keyboards? Where we’re going we don’t need any keyboards!

Just some day ago I posted about my birthday and I discovered another big fan of Back to the Future in my new company (I will tell you something more about my new company as soon I'll get the rights to do it).

I'm working together with Michael, a really nice guy of the marketing stuff, on creating all the stuff to start offering touch related services and products …. What there is better than mixing up our beloved Back to the Future and touch technologies

Keyboards? …. Where we are going we don't need keyboards!

Being 39 with the same passion of the beginning

Today I'm 39, yes time is going fast, really fast, I still remember days when I was the youngest dev. It is a clear remembrance the passion, the excitement and love with a bit of irresponsibility I had at that time for technology in general.

Oh my God, how many time I looked at Star Trek TOS, War Games or at Back to the Future (just to remember some).

From that time two decades are passed, a number of things has happened in my professional and private life: now I am husband, father and Microsoft MVP, Most Valuable Papà (dad in Italian) as my son says.

Even if in the meanwhile, a lot of time has passed and many technologies became obsolete, there are things that, for, me are still same: passion, excitement and love for technologies. Today, when I check for the first time a new technology, I get excited as when I was almost 18 trying to develop my first app for Windows 3.1.

Just yesterday I was talking about a new technology we are developing in IBV with the CEO and visionary entrepreneur Andreas Görög , he was explaining me the state of the art of the development when I realized that, at the time they started looking in that direction, I was doing the same thousand kilometers away!!!

The beauty is that at some point, after some months of search, I gave up because of some reasons, Andreas and his teams continued in the same way where I wasn't able to. Development and research they did at that time are still actual and I joined IBV because we will port on Windows 8 and iOS too that technology (I will say you something else about that in some weeks).

Well, when I realized what they did in all these years, guys, on night I wasn't able to sleep! I was so excited to figure out how they work around all that stuffs that I did not slept!

I have to thank Andreas for the white night he presented me and for that butterfly flying feeling you feel in your stomach when you see that technology that you know you will work with for the rest of your life.

Concluding I can say that I am really happy of what's happening to my personal life and to my professional career and I hope to continue in that way for the rest of my life.


Windows in 1994


Windows in 2014

Why Apple Products Start with an "i."

With Steve Jobs resigning this week, I'd like to share the history behind the now legacy: the "i."

Most Apple products start with i:

  • i Mac
  • i Pod
  • i Tunes
  • i Phone
  • i Pad
  • i OS
  • i Cloud

What does the "i" stand for? Does it mean "me?" Or "individual?"

Well, it can, and it's probably good marketing to let people think it does... but that's not the original meaning. For that we must go back to 1998.

Steve Jobs, interim CEO, launched the iMac that year, and said:

"The iMac comes from the marriage of the internet with the simplicity of a Macintosh. We are targeting this for the #1 use that consumers tell us they want a computer for, which is to get on the internet–simply and fast."

Steve Jobs reiterated the point again in 2000 when he became full-time CEO. He called himself the "iCEO." But why the "i"?

"I'm going to choose that title to remind myself of what's really important, which is, of course, the internet."

So, "i" is for internet:

  • i-nternet Mac
  • i-nternet Pod
  • i-nternet Tunes
  • i-nternet Phone
  • i-nternet Pad
  • i-nternet OS
  • i-nternet Cloud

It all makes sense now. Steve wanted to integrate the internet in as many ways as possible, making internet access as fast and simple as possible.

Today we can access the internet numerous ways, with new ways continually popping up. Today we expect our devices to access the internet. A phone that doesn't access the internet is now called a s̶m̶a̶r̶t stupid phone. The internet is no longer a feature on a computer, it's the backbone of nearly all our consumer devices.

I have a felling Apple will continue to integrate the internet in innovative ways. For example, the iPod (which currently doesn't connect to the *i*nternet) probably will with services like "Spotify" becoming so hugely popular.

And, having said all that, perhaps th "i" should really stand for innovation. After all Apple became "the world's biggest company" through their i-nnovation. iThink. :)

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How Office works on an 82-inch touch screen

Office running on a 82'' Perceptive Pixel Device

Integrating Cortana with your App

With just 3 steps, you can add voice commands to your app. When completed, Cortana can then launch your app and specify an action or command to execute. You can read complete details for C#/VB/C++ and XAML or JavaScript and HTML on MSDN.


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